Owls sweater: My first knitted garment!

Owls Lady Stitcher

I felt really excited about sewing during Me-Made-May but somehow my sewjo has really collapsed in the past fortnight. I think it’s down to a combination of having difficulty finding the right fabric for the projects I want to work on and feeling a tad overwhelmed by all the sewing events I want to take part in, but don’t have time to.

BUT I am happily back into knitting! After some hiccups on that front, I’ve regained knitting confidence through the Owls sweater knit-along organised by Kat of A Krafty Kat and Sabs of Tybalt: King of Cats. I’ve had the Kate Davies pattern on standby for, literally, years but never tried it. Knitting is so much more of a commitment for me than sewing (and it’s much harder to modify the fit as you work) so I think I’ve been unnecessarily cautious about picking knitting patterns to try.

Owls Lady Stitcher Back

The knitalong was perfect for building knitting confidence: Sabs and Kat were great for giving advice throughout the project and the pattern is quite easy to follow. The only real difficulties I encountered were in trying to use the magic loop method to sew the sleeves in the round. I gave it a shot because I couldn’t find the right sized DPNs, but once I got my hands on them, knitting the sleeves was a dream. (I also knit quite tightly and had to cast off three times (!) before the neck opening was wide enough to squeeze my head through.)

I used Debbie Bliss Rialto Chunky in Ruby (bought from This Is Knit in Dublin) and love the colour and softness of this merino wool. It makes for a really cosy – albeit seasonally inappropriate – sweater! I also decided, like fellow knitalonger Charlotte, not to sew on the button eyes as I prefer these little guys without them.

Owls Lady Stitcher Closeup

Buoyed by the success of this, my first finished knitted garment, I’ve already launched into a new project: the Panelled Effect Lady’s Jumper from Jane Waller and Susan Crawford’s book, A Stitch in Time. The pattern requires a bit of concentration but is not so complicated that a novice knitter can’t manage it. I’m using another Debbie Bliss yarn – a 4-ply in a steel grey colour.

Lady Stitcher Panelled Jumper


45 thoughts on “Owls sweater: My first knitted garment!

  1. Ohhh lovely! I’ve never tried cables – that should be next on my to-tackle list. I’m making an Andi Sutterland cardigan at the moment, but have just noticed that I’ve messed up a couple of rows down so it’s in my bad books at the moment!

    • I hate that feeling – part of you wants to go back and make it perfect, but part of you is totally fine with it! Andi Sutterland’s designs are lovely.
      Owls is a great introduction to cables. The panelled jumper though has ‘fake’ cables – it’s actually clever increases and decreases that form the pattern.

  2. Looks brilliant! I love the colour. It’s been great knitting along with you – I’ve finally finished mine too, yay! Good luck with your Lady Jumper (apt name for you!) I’m looking forward to seeing it…

  3. Your owl jumper is gorgeous… And I love the grey yarn you’re using for your new one, 4ply takes a bit of patience though, which I don’t always have! ! I’m knitting up a cardi at the mo( the Myrna from Andi Satterlund ) it’s an aran weight so it’s coming together quickly thankfully 🙂

  4. This is loooovely. And the fits great!! I totally hear what your saying about being overwhelmed by all the projects you want to take part in. My head is spinning right now. I think i need time out!! Although I’m not a knitter so would probably end up baking or something!!

  5. Looks amazing! Your ribbing & owls are so neat. I love the colour. I’m looking forward to seeing your finished Lady’s Jumper – it’s looking great so far.

    • Thanks Charlotte! You know, my husband really wanted me to sew googly eyes onto the Owls when I told him I was foregoing the buttons. That would have been a, em, interesting effect…

  6. Great jumper and lovely colour! Owls was my first full, wearable, garment I knitted, years ago now, but it spurred me on to knit many more garments. I love the way Kate Davies writes her patterns very straight forward and clear. Not at all daunting like some can can be! I’ll look forward to seeing more of your finished garments!

  7. There’s definitely a fatigue wafting over the sewing world at the moment, I keep reading similar things on other blogs and just wrote a very similar post on my own! So I’ve done the same as you and picked up my knitting needles again. I love this pattern so much! Your jumper is lovely and the colour is gorgeous x

    • There’s something really soothing about working on a longer term project. I think this is a good time to just take a bit of a sewing break and rejuvenate creatively though knitting!

  8. This is beautiful!!! I’ve tried to knit so many times but I just get tired of it so quickly.. the short sleeved sweater I started back in Feb is still going and we’re well into winter now!

  9. You did a fantastic job on the sweater. I’d never have guessed it was a first project.

    MMMay didn’t tire me out on sewing, but I’ll admit I have enjoyed wearing my RTW again. Still about a thousand projects on the go at home and nowhere near enough time to finish them all. Sigh.

  10. So beautiful! I love knitting and could knit all day but make myself sew too (it’s scarier than knitting haha). Beautiful colour and so flattering too. Well done!

  11. Wow that is super amazing! Such a lovely colour on you and it looks gorgeous and snuggly on you – it seems to me that it will be perfect for an Irish / UK summer…. this warm spell is just a temporary state!
    I am all set for the Margot PJ’s with fabric purchased in sale and paper pattern cut out. Just need to find a window of time for sewing them together ; )

  12. Seasonally inappropriate or not this is a fantastic Jumper. I am so in awe and crazy jealous. My Mum has been trying to teach me to knit and I just can’t get it. Extra stitches just appear and then it gets so tight I can’t get it off the needle! One day maybe. But your make is brilliant.

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