Normal service to resume shortly!

I moved to China a few weeks ago and am having a lot of problems trying to make WordPress work here, but I hope to have resolved those issues soon! I currently only have limited access to the site via my smartphone. I had been using Insta to keep in touch with other sewers, but as of last night the service is unavailable in mainland China (most likely linked to events in Honk Kong) and it’s unclear how permanent that will be. We will be sorting out our internet connection in the coming fortnight so I hope to be back up and running on both sites again soon.


Bloglovin’: Follow me!

I’ve been trying out a few different blog readers (Feedly, WordPress and Bloglovin’) to see which format I like best and I can see the pros and cons with each. I really like the layout of Feedly, but find that the app is a bit glitchy and can be really slow to update with new posts (sometimes I’ll get email updates a day or so before it actually hits the Feedly feed!).

Bloglovin’ seems to be a particularly popular choice among craft, sewing and knitting bloggers so I’m going to give it more of a test run to see how well it performs. So if you fancy following my updates there, you can!

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This Blog

Hello! I started this blog to track my sewing progress as I learn new dressmaking techniques. I haven’t been able to find a good app or programme to help track sewing projects (most project planning apps don’t allow photos or other uploads without subscriptions) and I thought this might be a good way to do that. Having only recently started to sew my own clothes, I’m keen to develop my skills and try increasingly complex and more professionally finished garments. I’m setting myself a target of one new item per month, and will post details of the pattern selected, fabric used and any good tutorials or books that I turned to along the way for help in putting it all together. I’ll also include the occasional knitting project I manage to get stuck into (I’m a terribly slow knitter!).