Comprehensive interfacing versus lining: any tips?


When Craftsy had a ‘holiday sale’ recently, I took advantage of the half-price drop to enroll in a couple of sewing classes I’d had my eye on for a while. I have some really good sewing books that are invaluable as reference material while sewing, but I definitely find it much easier to learn by seeing a technique in practice and am really enjoying the Craftsy experience. Plus, it’s great to hear the tips that the tutor mentions aside throughout the video.

I’m about halfway through the first class I enrolled in, 40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know. One of the tips the tutor, Gail Yellen, mentions is that she likes to fully interface every pattern piece when she’s working with certain fabrics, such as linen, because it can help them to keep their shape and prevents creasing.

When she said it, I had one of those ‘of course!’ moments: there are some dress fabrics I’ve been reluctant to use because their weight and transparency means  either wearing slips underneath or else fully lining them. I’d love to hear from other sewers about their experiences with this – have you tried fully interfacing something before making it up? How did it work out?


2 thoughts on “Comprehensive interfacing versus lining: any tips?

  1. Yes I have…with great results. I did this when I sewed my sister’s wedding dress. I had to interface the silk dupioni, so that the bodice could take the hand beading I had to apply.

    Take your time. Try it out on swatches from the fabric you are going to use and see how it takes to the interfacing. I did not use the iron ons, since I can manipulate the fabric better with a sew-on.

    Let me know how you made out 🙂 m.b.

    • Great, it sounds really useful as a kind of structural support (it also sounds like you put a lot of work into that dress – your lucky sister!).

      I hadn’t really thought to use the non-ironing version, I found it fiddly when I tried it before but I’m ready to give it another shot. Thanks! 🙂

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