Me-Made-May’14: Second and final round-up

Lady Stitcher MMM

Day 16: Colette Truffle | Day 17: Sew For Victory blouse, blue remnant skirt (unblogged) | Day 18: Coco top (unblogged), RTW skirt | Day 19: Colette Moneta | Day 20: Coco top, Beignet skirt

(The first half of my MMM’14 round-up is online here)

Well, the month-long project that was Me-Made-May has come to an end! I enjoyed it much more than I had expected, and made some interesting realisations about my sewing which will really direct how and what I work on over the next few months.

The first, and probably most important, thing I’ve realised is how much I really enjoy the clothes I’ve made. In one way, this encourages me to keep sewing, but in another, it makes me feel I should slow my pace a little and take more time over the process.

I didn’t start sewing because I wanted a major wardrobe expansion. While I really want to sew and to learn more techniques, I still don’t want to amass loads of ‘stuff’. So, to balance things out, I’ll be phasing out my RTW wardrobe (I’ve had most of it for several years and it’s really showing that wear) with things I’ve made.

Lady Stitcher MMM2

Day 21: Moneta, collar crocheted by my sister | Day 22: Vintage Pledge shirt dress, RTW jumper | Day 23: Simplicity 1913 (unblogged) and RTW shirt, sweater | Day 24: Simplicity Lisette Traveler flannel dress (unblogged) | Day 25: Coco top, Foxy Delphine skirt

Which brings me to the second point I realised over MMM: the range of garments I was able to draw on over the month. I actually hadn’t realised how much I’ve sewn over the past seven or eight months since I started this blog, but my sewing has been focused ona very limited range of garment types. I’m not a whizz with the machine – apart from Tilly’s Coco pattern I’m really not that quick at making things. What I really need to do is to consider the type of project I work on: when I started sewing, I had very few skirts and because they’re so simple to make and to fit, I’ve concentrated on making them above other types of clothing! As a result, I have a lot of skirts and very few tops!

I’m trying to rectify these issues by 1. focusing on finishing techniques (like embroidery) and 2. making more tops and dresses.

Lady Stitcher MMM Last Days

Day 26: Mabel skirt, seed stitch scarf, RTW vest, cardigan | Day 27: Grey Coco | Day 28: Moneta dress | Day 29: Hazel dress | Day 30: Truffle dress | Day 31: Foxy Delphine, RTW vest, cardigan

When I started MMM, I thought I’d soon make my first pair of trousers, but I still haven’t found the right material. The downside of buying fabric online is the risk involved – either you take a chance and order something based on the photo and description, or you order swatches. Sometimes, by the time the swatches have arrived, the fabric has sold out! So I’m still keeping an eye out for trouser fabric, but I don’t think I’ll be making them any time soon.

One thing I really won’t miss from this month is taking photos of myself! I spend a lot of time at home and our house has very poor natural lighting, plus we don’t have any mirrors you can actually see the whole of yourself in, so taking photos was the biggest challenge! I did, though, really enjoy seeing what MMM outfits everyone was posting to Instagram and I found some brilliant blogs through it.

What areas of sewing are you concentrating on for the moment? Did MMM help you re-focus your sewing or knitting?


20 thoughts on “Me-Made-May’14: Second and final round-up

  1. Hey Sue, you have some absolutely lovely me-made garments here. Well done for completing your first Me-Made-May!
    Like you I definitely need to address my trouser-shaped-gap in my wardrobe. I am going to start with some PJ’s and then move to the Grainline Maritime shorts (PDF already assembled). I also need to find a suitable weight and grade of fabric for trousers.
    I have recently ‘acquired / invested’ in some other dress patterns to re-populate my RTW dresses with (hopefully) beautifully me-made ones.
    Let me know when you are attempting some trousers – I love your style and it would be fun to make a pair of the same type so we can compare notes / techniques etc.

  2. Hi Sue – I’ve just got Tilly’s book too!
    So its set. Let’s make the Tilly PJ’s first and work ourselves up from there!
    In the meantime we can look into trouser patterns.
    I really like the Named Alpi Chino’s – they are def the sort I’m after ; )

  3. I didn’t take part in mmm as until recently, most of my self made clothes were formal or occasion outfits so I’d have looked a bit loopy doing the school run all dressed to the nines!! Have you tried Threads of Green for trouser fabric? They’re based in Kilkenny and alot of their stock isn’t on the website- better to ring them and describe what you need. The ladies there are very helpful and I’ve gotten lots of lovely fabrics from them.

    • I love the idea of doing a school run dress like you’re heading to the Oscars! Thanks for that tip, Chris, I don’t know Threads of Green but I’ll definitely give them a shout. The shops in Dublin haven’t really had anything suitable lately.

  4. What a blast! So fun to follow you during MMMay! I know what you mean about tops. I never seem to sew tops, but I think it would make the next MMMay much easier :). You already know how enamored I am with that hazel dress from day 29! Just gorgeous! I obviously need to make one too!

  5. I really enjoyed my first MMM as well and it has also given me a lot to focus on in the coming months. I also have a trouser shaped hole (and some RTW trousers which are actually falling apart..) so I may have to address this soon!

    I like the look of the Alpi pattern that Caroline pointed out – I am looking around to see what might work well!


    • Great, if you spot anything promising, please share! I’m hoping to pick up suitable trouser fabric over the next couple of weeks – might as well strike while the iron is hot! 🙂

    • Thanks! Its more by accident than design as I find it really hard to source nice prints here, but sewing solid colours definitely makes them easier to work into my existing wardrobe!

  6. Hi. I love your Moneta with crocheted collar. You’ve hit the nail on the head with MMM. I also seem to sew a lot and do wonder how long I can keep producing garments until my wardrobes burst open. My problem is I keep finding beautiful fabric and have to buy it, then get the urge to do something with it, but quality over quantity does make sense. I’m trying to phase out my RTW wardrobe too in favour of all me made.
    Not sure where you are but if you’re near London a good fabric shop is Rolls and Rems – they could have some good trouser fabric.


    • Thanks for the tip, Linda. I’m based in Dublin usually but will be making a very short trip to London next week so will note the name and address and try to pop in! Am hoping to stock up a bit generally as I haven’t been having much luck lately finding the right fabric for the patterns I want to work on for the summer.

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