Me-Made-May ’14: The halfway point

I, Sue (, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I will endeavour to wear at least one item made by me each day for the duration of May 2014.

Here we are – it’s the middle of May and we’re already halfway through this year’s Me-Made-May project. I’ve really been enjoying taking part so far and have found it quite challenging to not just keep wearing my five favourite things over and over.

I’ve been sharing daily updates of my pledge progress on Instagram and have pulled those photos together for my first MMM round-up post.

First 5

Day 1: Moonrise Kingdom dress, seed stitch scarf | D2: Easter Mortmain and RTW jacket for a wedding | D3: Grey Coco | D4: Vintage Pledge shirt dress, RTW cardigan | D5: Colette Mabel skirt and Sorbetto top (plus charity race medal – it was a family day out!)

The most notable absences in my handmade wardrobe are tops, trousers and cardigans/sweaters. I don’t plan on chucking out my RTW wardrobe any time soon, so there’s no urgency in making cardigans but I would really like a wider variety of tops that aren’t T-shirts. I also really want to make trousers, too! I have two patterns to hand but haven’t found the right fabric yet.

Second 5

Day 6: Grey and gold Coco, seed scarf | D7: Remnant fabric skirt (not blogged), RTW shirt and vest | D8: Beignet skirt, Simplicity 1693 top, RTW top | D9: Grey Coco, basketweave scarf (not blogged) | D10: Grey and gold Coco, RTW sweater, seed scarf

Since the start of May, I’ve realised just how often I typically reach for jeans, a T-shirt and a sweater in the morning. Looking back over these photos, I’m really surprised to see that I only worse jeans once in the first half of the month. I’ve also realised just how much I was wearing my grey and colour-blocked Coco dresses pre-May; I’ve consciously been limiting their rotation for MMM’14 but have already worn each a couple of times.

My pledge focused on better incorporating my handmade clothing into what I was wearing rather than trying not to repeat any outfits. That said, I’ve been happily surprised at how many outfit combinations I’ve been able to put together from the garments I’ve made.

Third 5

Day 11: Coco #5 | D12: Gingham Japanaese pattern dress (not blogged), RTW cardigan | D13: Sleeveless Mathilde (not blogged), RTW jeans | D14: Sporty Coco, Beignet skirt | D15: Nettie top (not blogged), RTW skirt

The pace of my sewing has slowed down since the start of May. For the first ten days, I was visiting with family in different parts of Ireland and since I’ve come home, I’ve been focusing on finishing my Owls sweater. I fell a bit behind Kat and Sabrina’s knitalong during the sewing frenzy for Sew Dolly Clackett and Sew For Victory and I had a bit of a nightmare with the magic loop method. I’m getting back on track now that I’ve sourced the right sized double pointed needles and am aiming to finish the sweater before the end of MMM.

Of course, having some me-made trousers to put with it would be nice too… 🙂


19 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’14: The halfway point

  1. Wow, your wardrobe looks great en masse like this. Those Cocos look so comfy. I’ve now worn everything I’ve ever made, so its just down to different combinations and rotations for me. What I am missing are t-shirts and jersey dresses as those are the clothes I want to put on in the morning.

    • Yes, I also really need some nice jersey dresses – would be great to have a few that are nice and comfy but still make you look ‘dressed’. I’m struggling to find the right fabric though!

  2. What a beautiful collection of clothes. Your colour palette works really well. You are also doing well on the no repeat aspect too! Looking forward to seeing your next half of MMM14.

  3. Funny you should mention that you usually reach for jeans in the morning- I do too, especially on cold days! it really has been a nice change not to wear them for a while 🙂 I LOVE your coco dresses!!

  4. wow and wow….sew well done to you….keep going…!
    mmmm trousers are on my mind to make too….any good pattern recommendations appreciated!!
    bestest Daisy x

    • Thanks Daisy! I think the only trousers pattern I have is Simplicity 3688, which I used to make my Sew For Victory blouse and skirt. Reviews say the trousers part was v easy, but they are v wide leg pants which I’m just not sure about.

    • I have to confess to looking forward to not having to take daily pics any more! Thanks 🙂 I really need to concentrate on making tops now (though I have another 3 skirts in the pipeline, d’oh!)

      • That’s the problem with me: whenever I have to make something necessary or something I need I can’t push myself to do that, instead I end up making another flower skirt or dress that I am in love with… I understand you SO well! 🙂

      • I think we’re on the same sewing wavelength alright! 🙂 I’ve been talking about making trousers now for, oh, three months? Any day now I’ll get started…

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