Coco #5: Rough around the edges

Coco 5

I’ve had the idea for this colourblock Coco in my head for a while, but didn’t have enough knit fabric left after my last versions to cobble it together. Luckily, while searching for twin needles in Dublin last week, I came across this lovely burgundy ponte on sale in Hickey’s (I’m linking to them in case anyone wants their contact details – their website is devoid of stock info).

The grey fabric is the same used in one, two, three of my earlier Cocos and I had actually cut out these pockets for the first Coco dress I made, but was a bit worried that they made it too busy so put them aside for later.

Coco 5 back

I wanted to keep this dress a little bit raw-looking and not too polished, so instead of turning in the sides of the pockets for a smooth finish when sewing them on to the dress, I left the edges unfinished and just sewed them straight on (though they look quite camouflaged in these photos!). Having worked with this grey knit before (and having worn those versions a lot since making them!), I know it’s not prone to unraveling or curling. I left the armhole edges unfinished for the same reason.

Coco 5 pocket

Coco 5 shoulder

I love each one of the five Cocos I’ve made so far, both dresses and tops, but I think it’s time to step away from this pattern for a while and move on to new knit challenges! I’m really looking forward to trying out the new Colette Patterns releases next.

I already have a red rib knit on hand to trial-run the Moneta dress and I have enough of this burgundy ponte left to make a Mabel skirt – I just need to source those twin needles!

What new sewing challenges or patterns are you looking forward to trying?


20 thoughts on “Coco #5: Rough around the edges

  1. Love the color blocking! And the collar…omg, gorgeous! I had the challenge of doing a peplum top for tomorrow. It is color blocked as well (black top with red peplum). I toiled with it soooo long. I wanted a red top to match it, and it came out wrong. Oops, I am venting…. 🙂 Anyhow, my challenge has finally been achieved. Successful? We’ll see!

  2. This is gorgeous, I love the unfinished edges, they look so smooth and chic.

    I had been thinking of taking the arms off the first Coco I made as it’s just a shade too small and seeing your sleeveless version I’m convinced.

    I know what you mean about stepping away from the Coco pattern, it’s such a delight to make, I too have made myself make new stretch items. I’ve just made a Grainline Hemlock and have the Kitschycoo Lady Skater planned next. (though I’m hoping for enough left over fabric to make another Coco top).

    • You’ve been busy! 🙂 I haven’t tried those patterns yet – I’ve only recently realised how quick knits are to sew, they’re great! Definitely worth going sleeveless on your Coco if you think it will help you wear it more.

  3. Beautiful colour on you. The grey and raspberry look very good together. Not sure what my next challenge will be. It’s usually finding the time to sew! But I’d definitely like to conquer my fear of stretchy fabric.

  4. great job colour blocking and the colours are look great on you! I like the idea of the raw edges. I am also excited about the new Colette patterns (can’t wait to see your versions!) but think I better behave and use one of the patterns in my pattern stash first – probably a BHL Giorgia or Elisalex dress for the summer:-)

  5. That is absolutely gorgeous Coco. I can imagine that after 5 versions you’d want to try something else, but the Coco is so much fun and so wearable … I can’t wait to see your Colette knits finished.

    • There’s a lot to be said about making the same pattern a few times – you can really play around with it and make it quickly. That said, it’s great to try new patterns to expand skills 🙂

  6. I tried to leave a comment on your first Coco. I love it, have been looking for knit dress inspiration and found your first one. I think ive found what I need, your Cocos are perfect.

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